Tuesday, December 08, 2009

PEOPLEMOVER COSTUME 1967 - 1973 Go! Go! Yellow! (Gold)

When this costume debuted along with the others for the 1967 New Tomorrowland, WED wanted to really create a vista into the future.......a future of very good looking , fit people! The unprinted word around the park staffing was "only beautiful people apply for transfer" The New Tomorrowland costumes were only done in select sizes.......even tight and form fitting to 1960's standards. Rich, a 1967 New Tomorrowland "Disneylander" (now a respected San Francisco dentist today) said that the guys would try to get to costume issue early as possible to grab one of the few "slightly larger" PeopleMover stretch pants. The joke around Tomorrowland cast members was that if you saw a  male PeopleMover employee walking towards you....and they had a dime in their pocket, you could tell if it was heads or tales!......Since the PeopleMover costume pants had no pockets, our "Disneylander" admitted the real joke was, from the pants, you could tell what religion the cast member was!!!!

GO! GO! GOODYEAR!!!!!!...............................maybe that's why our cast member in the picture is NOT smiling.............

By 1972, a newer PeopleMover costume was being developed, and was used first for the AMERICA SINGS attraction (in appropriate Red, White and Blue colors).....then the PeopleMover. The sketch shows the blue shirt that was used until the early 80's when it was ultimately replaced by a white shirt (that could be used with multiple Tomorrowland costumes)

AND TOMORROWLOUNGE has not forgotten the stylish ladies!!!!

Judging from that cast members pose on the right, you had better now EXACTLY how many people are in your party!!

For you PeopleMover fans...............Tomorrowlounge will have lots more down the line!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

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