Monday, February 04, 2013

ROCKET JETS PART TWO The 1970's AND STAR JETS join the family


Well TOMORROWLOUNGE was in flight for several months, but now the ROCKET JETS POST TWO has landed in the 1970s!!

What better way to spend your ROCKET JETS 1970's visit, but to DRESS 1970's!
During the 1970's the Disneyland Rocket Jets remained virtually unchanged, but with the new SPACE MOUNTAIN coming almost ALL Tomorrowland attractions were giving a costume fashion update.
This jumper style costume was first debuted for the Walt Disney World Space Mountain in 1974. Created by designer Tom Pierce. The design proved very functional for attractions were cast members needed to moved about  equipment or climb stairs or around vehicle tracks. The style was also used for Mission To Mars, America Sings, WDW WEDWAY PeopleMover. The designs were used  into the 1990's

below shown in 1987 still in use

MALE Summer on the left and Winter on the right

Female Winter on the left and Summer on the right

Rockets Jets were still the central visual draw in 1977 when SPACE MOUNTAIN joined Tomorrowland

In 1974 Walt Disney World unveiled their version of the ROCKET JETS : The STAR JETS. From the earliest designs to even the construction signs Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland  phase Two was to include the same Rocket Jet vehicles as Disneyland's, but John Hench had seen early concept renders for the new NASA Space Shuttle while working on Space Mountain.

John Hench and Vic Greene working out the Rocket Jets and PeopleMover loading and launch platforms
in 1966

This rendering inspired the Walt Disney World STAR JETS
John Hench asked George McGinnis do design a new vehicle for Florida's New Tomorrowland 1975
A test model of the Space Shuttle looking very STAR JETS
Here you can clearly see the inspiration behind the imagination!

STAR JETS in the new Tomorrowland of Walt Disney World

This style remained in Florida from 1974 to 1994

TOKYO DISNEYLAND  continues to use these classic designed STAR JETS

Back at Disneyland the 1970's are slowly coming to a end

and Ladys and Gentlemen become just PASSENGERS in the 1980's

So join TOMORROWLOUNGE for ROCKETS JETS MEGA POST #3 and we'll take a quick fly-thru the Tomorrowland of the 1980's and into the future as Rocket Jets become GROUNDED


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, nice! I had almost given up waiting for part two. I've always like the look of the WDW Star Jets.

I assume that they still have their ride in Florida?


Major: Yes, I got busy and lazy at the same time and I got backed up!
Walt Disney World does still have the basic ride system, but the rocket vehicles were completely changed in 1994 to reflect the DECO-TECH retro 1920's 1930's Future look. Which has really worn away over time......that's another story. Only Tokyo Disneyland uses the 70's Space Shuttle style vehicle and still had the gleaming white Saturn V Rocket Tower.

K. Martinez said...

I remember going on the Star Jets back in the late 1970s. The shuttle style is still my favorite version.

The Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland really impressed me starting from the pylon fountain entrance to the Star Jet/WEDway platform tower. Even though the overall area didn't seem to have the kinetic energy that Disneyland's Tomorrowland had, I still appreciated the differences.

I always found it strange to see the Star Jets platform tower at Tokyo Disneyland without a PeopleMover present. Even though they didn’t include the PeopleMover, I guess they knew the thrill value of elevating the “spinning rocket” ride.

You seem to have a lot of knowledge on Disney futurism. I'd love to read a comparison between the two Tomorrowlands from the 60s/70s.

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Unknown said...

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Jeff Huckaby said...

Nice post! Thanks for your passion!!! I have to say that every time I visit Disneyland now and see the old rocket-jet skeleton up there looking so sad, I can't help but think of this:

Unknown said...
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