Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This outfit is called the RETLAW  and it is designed for high-speed travel! --If you're gonna ride up in the bubble dome of a ALWEG MARK III, this is what you wanna be seen in!

These gents are showing how versitle TOMORROWLOUNG 67 clothing is! With a few minor changes you can go fom Summer to Winter without ever stopping!!!

Even in space, one must be well dressed! These ladies are wearing the ORANGE 77. Earlier versions were called the ORANGE 75.....The even earlier version:  ORANGE 74 was just a color variation of SKYWAY BLUES  ensembles--but we will explain more about that later in a future post of TOMORROWLOUNGE 67!

Now just is case: This is what NOT to wear to TOMORROWLOUNGE 67:


Kevin Kidney said...

Holy Rocket Jets!

This is going to be my new favorite blog, if you can keep this going! Thanks, Mike.

TokyoMagic! said...

Gee, that guy on the left in the second pic sure got around Tomorrowland. He kind of looks like a young Lorenzo Lamas. Where is he today? (The cast member, not Lorenzo Lamas!)

I remember those zipper jumpsuits. They didn't look like they would be very comfortable.

Hoot Gibson said...

Amazing blog, Mike!

Chris Merritt said...

I triple dog-dare you to post clear pics of the Tee Hee Go-Go-Goodyear upramp signs...


KEVIN: Thanks for your comments and good to hear from you! It's been a long time. I think there's lots to share here at Tomorrow Lounge 67 -- I can't post everyday, but I think I can keep this audience fairly entertained -especially when its with people who enjoy the same stuff!.
TOKYO MAGIC:My sister also said that guy looks like Lorenzo Lamas!
HOOT GIBSON:Thanks! Wow! Hoot Gibson of Western River??(another park passion of mine!)Welcome aboard!
Chris: well.....I've got some surprises coming up hear at TOMORROWLOUNGE 67!! And you never know what our advanced Themeparkiologists can dig up!!!

Hoot Gibson said...

Nah. Hoot Gibson of