Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello! Welcome to TOMORROWLOUNGE 67! Here we will celebrate all facets of Disney’s many versions of the future. We will meet many old friends here – many we haven’t seen in a very long time! You’ll probably some new things as well. This will be a preview introduction to this bright and sparkling place to lounge at. Since TOMORROWLOUNGE 67 is in a world on the move, let’s get started!

Some common TOMORROWLOUNGE 67 questions:

Where is TOMORROWLOUNGE 67?? Well sometimes people often pass right bye because they are so excited getting into Tomorrowland. That’s right! We are at the entrance of Tomorrowland!! To get there please see the two pictures provided: You’ll see we are right in front of the Circle-Vision Pavilion overlooking Alpine Gardens!

Look right below --overlooking Alpine Gardens. You've found  TOMORROWLOUNGE 67!!

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