Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes, March 21st will be the 35th Anniversary of Disneyland's Mission to Mars. This 70's favorite launched it's last DC88 SPACELINER to Mars on November 2, 1992. It seems this service could not compete with deregulation of Super-Space Service Travel compared to the budget third class service of companies like STAR TOURS......or the failed Teleportation Travel Service of XS-TECH a few years back .......a service once planned to come to Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

So get ready and zip -up your jumpsuits and join us for a multiple part journey to the "Mysterious Red Planet" aboard the McDonnell Douglas DC-88 SPACELINER!!

this sign is mounted on aluminum. It was used on the Walt Disney World Omnibus advertising panels. Walt Disney World began service to Mars on June 7, 1975. The writing on the backside says WED-Martin Marietta, 1 of 2.

even as a kid, I thought this planter was VERY "Jetson's"

I miss these types of exotic-astro gardens of 70's Tomorrowland

a graphic visualization of a Hyper-Space Jump!!

here you can see the McDonnell Douglas marquee has been removed as MARS service slowly comes to an end.

I wonder if pretzels will be served?.....................better get my "C" Coupon out..............

..........below we can see when the next Mars flight is......and then we can continue to the Lounge and Boarding companies don't have these neat classy lounges......some make you walk right thru their repair hangers and droid maintenance bays : TACKY!!

what a great mural! Gets everyone excited to travel to Mars!

"FLIGHT 295 to Mars is ready for boarding!!"

Check back for my other MISSION TO MARS posts.....all thru March!'ll even see concept art, and the sad final fate of the Mission To Mars attraction...............


Robert said...

Just found your blog. Like your posts. Go Disney!

If you're a fan of Snow White, come check out the Filmic Light blog.

Yellows said...

Looking forward to your look back at Mission to Mars. Hope you will visit mine! As a former DL CM reading your blog, I think that we share perspectives.

Major Pepperidge said...

Great photos; I have fond memories of this ride. The signage is fantastic, and everything is a lot more colorful than I remembered. I'm definitely looking forward to more MTM!


Thanks everyone! I'll have part TWO up this weekend, been busy with some other projects. Yes, Major Pepperidge; Mission To Mars was VERY colorful! I think that is something many folks may have forgotten was the amazing use of color during this time: The 1975 Mars Facade alone was comprised of six if you include the chrome trim and window casing! There were also two exit corridor murals done in four colors....(rarely ever photographed) --I'll show these in the second or third posts on MISIION TO MARS......this may be a four post series.