Saturday, March 06, 2010

.........The MOON is OUT and MARS is in!!

this is the color artwork by Jim Michaelson (creator of the Disneyland Railroad 1977 attraction poster) and Rudy Lord. Below are the plans to make this sign, should you feel one might be needed at the entry of your home!

It seems that the standard 4'x8' board was common for "coming soon" attraction signs......AMERICA SINGS '74 used this same plan.

this TITAN III interplanetary Maned Mars explorer concept of the late 1960's seems to have been the inspiration for the DC-88 depicted on the "coming soon" sign, but has little resemblance to the final DC-88 SPACELINER shown in the attraction's launch screens, and as you rounded the boarding concourse. For a short time, a display of McDonnell-Douglas aircraft was shown in the loading que for "Mars".....from the earliest bi-plane to DC-10s...........and the final case was a model of the "current" DC-88 SPACELINER........a preview of the very one you would be riding to Mars in. I was unable to located the images of this model for this I'll show it  another time. For now, it was very similar to this 1950's Moon rocket concept.

This concept is a beautiful......and very stylized rendering by famed designer John deCuir Sr. for the interior's color and arrangement of the passenger hold. Note that there is a pilot or captain visible inside the cabin with the passengers.....I wonder if there was consideration of another AA figure to be added of "3rd Officer Collins".......???

below is a concept also by John deCuir Sr. , not for Mission To Mars , but for Walt Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort.......done if a" Future-Tiki" design........tropical, yet very TOMORROWLOUNGE. I ran across it while looking for pieces to use for this post.

some graphic blueprints to label the sides of the DC-88. Did you know that those ships are Hydrogen powered??

Above you can see the passenger cabin flight status control panel. A neat detail.

In this inner cabin shot, you can see a sliver of the unique exit murals thru the unclosed "air-lock doors"

here's a rare view of one of those murals.......Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World featured these .

this detail of Tomorrowland 1977 by Clem Hall shows where Mission To Mars "fit's" in.

Here's the "blade" sign for Walt Disney World's Mission To Mars.........also turning 35 this year!

interesting to see the backside of the "departure" that Latin??

well, it looks like this MEGA post is going to be 4-5 next time we will talk about "what to wear" to Mars...........and we will meet the entire staff of the Mission Control team!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I sure love all of that rare artwork. And the "behind the scenes" photos of course! Notice the "space pod" in the John deCuir Sr. rendering; looks very much like the pods from "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Cinematix said...

Dad did a lot of rendering while at WED/WDI but just to set the record straight the two renderings you credited him for were actually my illustration. dad had a far better hand ;-) John DeCuir Jr.