Saturday, March 27, 2010


After the Mission To Mars attraction was shuttered to Disneyland guests, the show building was still used. For a short time the attractions' boarding concourse was used as a Magic Kingdom Club Member "gift Redemption Center". Later, Disneyland's entertainment division used the same area as storage and temporary offices as their former space above the Carousel Theatre was being gutted.

A horribly out-of-place musical stage show  "Toy Story Playhouse" was performed in front of the "Mars" facade. While the Plaza Inn on Main Street USA was being renovated the old prop rotisserie of chicken, turkeys and roasting meats in front of fiberglass glowing coals were stored on the attractions exit corridors.
While Imagineers came up with dozens and dozens of great ideas for possible replacements for the space once held by Mission To Mars, the bureaucratic management of Paul Pressler's regime was not about to release the purse strings to allow any such ideas to materialize in the 'New Tomorrowland" of 1998. Sadly because of this, the space intended for an attraction became a restaurant --the idea that now a direct revenue could be made from the space  made Presser and his cohorts happy. The Imagineers secret scheme was to make the restaurant part attraction as well. The working title for the project was called the "Tomorrowland Transportation Warehouse" a fictional "museum" and semi storage facility where all the elements for Tomorrowlands past would be on display. Guests could dine sitting in one of the two circular theaters and see portions of" Mission To Mars"," Flight To The Moon", and even "Rocket To The Moon"! The last piece of a surviving Mark III Monorail (Big Red) would have also been on view as well as be accessible to guests. Smaller "snack seating" would be available in old Autopia Cars, Skyway cabins, and PeopleMover cars. Here too guests would view old props, posters, signs and other artifacts celebrating all things Tomorrowland while listening to the sounds, music, and safety spiels of Tomorrowlands past.

As Mission To Mars and Tomorrowland demolition began, so did the demolition of the entire projects budget. Eventually the grand plans for the "Tomorrowland Museum Restaurant" became smaller and smaller.  Disneyland Restaurants  division felt the props and historical elements of the project were talking up too much "paying customers" seating space, and the cost to refurbish many of the vehicles for use was too expensive, so rather than a great big beautiful "WOW" experience for Disneyland guest,the project resulted in a College Commissary atmosphere under the name of Red Rockets Pizza Port. 
Looking out from the Mars passenger concourse
It didn't take long to "peel away" the future.
Think of all the passengers who passed through here between  1967 and the 1990's!!
below: "Mister Johnson........Mister Johnson...........??? Hello.............???

here you can see the multi-layered viewing ramps for guests while viewing "Mission Control".....beyond is one of the flight status screens inside you DC-88 SPACELINER

The remains of the left side exit corridor mural is visible in the back
be careful as you find your seat inside  the remains of a DC-88 SPACELINER cabin
.....use the handrail please.....
this damage was caused not by "meteoroids" but by Disneyland bean-counters!
The last of the seats removed, the skeletal remains of Mission To Mars. If you look closely you might be able to see the spirits of happy Disneyland guests on their "Mission To Mars".......
Mission To Mars March Month will be over, but yet another few posts will follow on the legacy of Mission To Mars.....including some relics and artifacts that have survived into the real 21st Century!!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I am totally loving your Mission to Mars Mega Posts!!!!

It is upsetting how "un-ceremonially" the attraction was decommissioned. To bad we got Red Rockets, I've eaten there a couple time, its depressing!

Thanks for you great posts!


Thanks Tim! I have another post or two left on MISSION TO MARS. Writing these makes me realize how much I miss these "Tomorrowlands Past"....

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Superb post! What a disappointment that the "suits" had no vision. A Tomorrowland museum would have been swell.

TokyoMagic! said...

Those photos break my heart, but they are fascinating to see. Thanks for sharing them. I rememeber hearing a presentation about the upcoming New Tomorrowland of 1998 at one of the "Just For Fun" conventions. The restaurant/museum was the one thing that I was the most excited about...more than Honey I Shrunk the Audience, more than the exciting Cosmic Waves and Innoventions "attractions" and even more than the Rocket Rods. Geez, this was once my favorite "land" of all with my most favorite attractions of all, and now it's just a wasteland that you have to walk through in order to get to Space Mountain.

BJ said...

I think the "Tomorrowland Museum Restaurant" became the Eat-Ticket Cast Member restaurant over by TDA. They have a lot of the same things you described, Old ride artifacts like an Autopia Car and Dumbo Ride Vehicle hanging from the ceiling and many old signs etc all over the place. They kept the idea totally to themselves and didn't share with the public.

Top Secret said...

I ran into Jeff Kurtti the day he was measuring the downstairs sound room to see if Alien Encounter could be shoehorned into the Mars space.

I can live without Alien Encounter, but the magic of Seasoned Cottage Fries from The Space Place are a tragic loss to humanity.