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Early concept of Monsanto's Fashion Fountain

Not too long ago over on Kevin Kidney's great blog,  a special post focused on the unusual beauty of Monsanto's Fashion Fountain. Tomorrowlounge presents a follow-up salute to this intriguing and  mystifying Modern Motion Sculpture finale to the famed ADVENTURE THRU INNER SPACE!

A cross section showing the Fashion Fountain's relationship to the passing PeopleMover cars and AtomMobiles -a perfect example of WED's SAFETY ENVELOPE!

As part of Monsanto's corporate message, the Fashion Fountain --or actually termed FIBER FOUNTAIN during the design phase-- this oil-drip sculpture was the first exhibit seen by guests in the MIRACLES FROM MOLECULES product-industrial area of the Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction.

A very sophisticated "lounge like setting" ........THIS IS MONSANTO!!
John Hench made many suggestions to this attraction --like adding the walnut-wood paneling to "soften things up" (I wonder what Monsanto's response was to this..........??) Even the exhibit text-tablets featured Walnut ends! The Fashion Fountain , or FIBER FOUNTAIN was also a result of the "softening" of this space --and to lighten what could have turned out to be a heavy-laden corporate overlay. Note the first concept for the sculpture that proceeded the Fashion Fountain:

A swinging, rotating "billboard" confronts guests after their "Thrilling Journey into the Atom"

It was advised to Monsanto that this might be too much corporate message -as a result the graceful looking Fashion Fountain was envisioned.

Here the FIBER FOUNTAIN features no inner display

note how the inner exhibit must be accessed thru a hatch located in the pavilion's roof!

120 individual flowers helped cover up the fountains' "drip pan"

adding to the softening were 120 "flowers" -these helped to create an "natural" feel to a otherwise heavy artificial product line.

Here in the exit area a moody atmosphere displays humorous animated vignettes of Monsanto products and on the back wall-a large 1967 version of the World Clock

As 60's came to an end, this exhibit space featured several updates to the interior as well as the exhibits themselves. In time, Monsanto's sponsorship ended and the Fashions inside the fountain were removed and in their place was inserted an illuminated 70's  "Molecule-Skewer Mobile".

Note the old Miracles' from Molecules exhibit tablets-with the walnut ends

The entire exit area lost much of it's mood and feeling when Monsanto pulled out. The giant clock of the world was removed and a access hole was cut into the wall to allow guests to dump themselves right into the Character Shop. Where the wall clock was once mounted now stood merchandise display counter selling watches, clocks, film and camera equipment --ironically probably made from plastics by Monsanto! The lighting was no longer dim and atmospheric but bright. The Monsanto product niches cut into the wood paneled walls now featured Tomorrowland attraction posters. The walnut edged display tablets that once touted the wonder's of Monsanto, now featured explanation of what the attraction was all about -no doubt because of the guests that strayed into the exit area from the Character Shop.........

Odd however, was the fact that long after Monsanto was gone from Tomorrowland, guests --if they listened closely, could still hear the song, Miracles From Molecules --the attraction's Sherman Brothers penned anthem written for Monsanto. Even in 1985, the song could still faintly be heard.


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TokyoMagic! said...

Any idea what year the dripping oil was turned off? Did it ever drip with the "molecule" light pole inside? I do remember the oil running down the wires, but I can't remember the specifics of when it disappeared.


Connie: That's what I think too!!
Chris: That's what I was wondering. While I do remember the fiber strands to the fountain being there in the mid 80's, I cannot recall the oil cascading down. I almost think, if it was still using the oil at that time, I certainly would have noticed -but maybe not. Anyone out there know for sure??

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