Friday, April 08, 2011

AMERICA SINGS MEGA POST PART 4!!!! inside and outside the "Swinging Carousel Theater"

AMERICA SINGS MEGA POST PART 4!!!! inside and outside the "Swinging Carousel Theater"


These cheerful fellas are wearing Disneyland's newest 1974 Tomorrowland costume (in summer & winter versions) - these were designed by Tom Pierce who also brought us the first Haunted Mansion costume and the Small World Gondolier costume that was used  until the 1990's. Tom designed thousands and thousands of Disney park costumes for operations and attractions (like Country Bear Jamboree and every AA show at EPCOT!!)

And here's something for the ladies of tomorrow.......these are images of costumes (also in summer & winter versions) redone without Del Monte's sponsorship--the big red tomato patch would have gone center on the white waistline on the ladies, and near the name badge on the men's version

Does that Sam the Eagle  and stars graphic look likes it was added later to you?? Well it should! Can you guess what was removed from the original sign?  A giant Del Monte Tomato logo!!

This is a rare version of this guide with the opening date printed (or stamped!) on the cover

I liked how both the murals of The Carousel pf Progress and America Sings combined the upper stationery section and the lower rotating section to appear as one large mural within the graceful guest ramps and balcony of the theater.  Innoventions does not do this making the upper section look overly massive and heavy -I majored in environmental design with an emphasis in architecture so things like that bother me......

A view of AMERICA SINGS from the PeopleMover!!

As a kid the 1890's Act was always one of my favorites! With all the advancements with technology and animatronics I don't think AA figures will ever be as perfect as these. The shapes and movements were perfect to there designs and Marc Davis , Blaine Gibson and the programers knew how to take advantage of limitations. Bill Justice would say  "Just because someone wants a bear to dance like a Rockett- he can't dance like a Rockett --he's still a bear!!"  (but can a Rockett dance like a BEAR!!???)

I Think that Stork or Crane is showing off!

Our "Bird In A Gilded Cage" was voiced by Cheryl Poole --who also voiced Trixie over at Country Bear Jamboree!! ( I think she looks like Phylis Diller --The Bird in the cage --not Cheryl Poole!)

A perfect song for an obvious gag!

I really miss this show!

Some "architectural shots" most people didn't think to shoot back in the day. But I Did!!

I was wished for a PeopleMover train to pass ---but it was never going to happen again.

I can't begin to tell you how many people ask me to PLEASE post a image of the TOP of the America Sings roof!!!! So here it is!!!!!! (ok.........maybe a handful of people requested this image. Or come to think of one has EVER requested an image of the America Sings roof. But I'm glad I took it!!

Ok........take a good look at this last shot. It will come in handy for tomorrows post-- Be sure to have a box of tissues handy!!!  
"On behalf of Disneyland and our friends at Del  Monte , we hope you enjoyed AMERICA SINGS!. Now please gather your belongings and exit through the doors in which you came, and enjoy the rest of your visit to TOMORROWLOUNGE!!"

Please join TOMORROWLOUNGE for its next AMERICA SINGS MEGA POST ( #5) as we feature the abadoned and destroyed AMERICA SINGS interior and exterior!!!!


Hoot Gibson said...

I wish I could have seen this show live. I only had the LP as a kid and had no idea it was an attraction at Disneyland.

Feed us some Horizons Mike!


Howdy HOOT!

I'll have several "servings" of HORIZONS stuff coming up.......first I've got another MEGA post on AMERICA SINGS as well as a feature on TOMORROWLAND SIGN PODS and another TOMORROWLOUNGE GUESS-O-RAMMA. .......Then some HORIZONS. I have a feeling they won't be that impressive to you and Chief....but they are some rare views. Also for Walt Disney World fans...a post on DREAMFLIGHT & RCA HOME OF FUTURE LIVING!

TokyoMagic! said...

Another super post! Do you know what happened to the animatronics for Sam the Eagle and his owl sidekick? Also, weren't there other figures that were not used in Splash Mt. like the storks on the motorcycle? What happened to those figures? Why couldn't they have just left the show alone! Or why didn't they trade it to WDW for the return of Carousel of Progress? Or at the very least.....why didn't they put another revolving theater show into this space? They really should have left the exterior architecture alone....Innoventions is just as ugly on the outside as it is on the inside! They just go and ruin everything!

Can't wait to see your post on the Tomorrowland sign pods!!!!!!

Major Pepperidge said...

I hate to be negative, but those costumes are pretty hideous, especially the ones for the men! Maybe it's just because they are from the 70's? Polyester! Very strange, with those scooped necks and raspberry-colored pants.

AND YET... I love that you have photos of them. Somehow they manage to give off a "Star Trek" vibe!