Saturday, April 09, 2011

AMERICA SINGS MEGA POST PART 5 - the Carousel Theater Comes to a screeching halt and the erosion begins!

AMERICA SINGS MEGA POST PART 5 - the Carousel Theater Comes to a screeching halt and the erosion begins!

This sign gave guests hopeful expectations for almost a decade!!

And while things seemed quietly the same on the outside: We knew that Imagineering were working busily on the 3rd Disneyland Generation Carousel Theater show right!!???

Well, not exactly!

Guests haven't sat here in many many years ---but people WERE using it!

Here we see a sad and ill fitting use for the exit stage of America Sings being used as a training and presentation room! Notice the ORIGINAL Carousel Of Progress seats with walnut armrests??
(don't worry.....the Weasel, Sam and Owl have been removed for years when this picture was taken)

Even the Colonel left the Old South behind!

To the left of ACT 1 (OLD SOUTH) is the "welcome-introduction theater"--when this picture was taken it was being used as extra offices for Disneyland engineering and construction

Debris and collapsing set pieces are strewn about!

In ACT 2 THE OLD WEST we see the REMAINS of old wagon REMAINS.

The scrim hangs from the clouds was once used for the haunting-romantic number "Home on The Range"

This saloon use to be one of my favorite show sets.

In ACT 4, MODERN TIMES. Notice how the stage trap doors have been boarded up!

The magic that once was.............

How would you like to be hired at Disneyland at then be shown to your new office here!?? I'd LOVE IT!!

Some last looks of the upper balcony details of AMERICA SINGS. Notice the trash bags left up there!

When the first paint scheme was being tested for Inoventions, the first coverings of paint were peeling here-and-there (no lead!!) and I was able to get a piece of the "peel". Why??? because I liked it!!----it featured a top peel of INOVENTIONS, with an exposed layer of AMERICA SINGS..AND..................a third exposed layer of CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS MURAL!!!!! A Tomorrowland retrospective (in paint) in the palm of my hand!!!

More architectural views.
Now some of you may have noticed that there were no scenes of ACT 3, The GAY 90's. That's because by this time entertainment costuming was using that theater for storage. The interior showed no signs of it's Turn-of-the-century elegance. Just drywall and rack and racks of costumes. HOWEVER..............................downstairs was another story!!!!!

It was amazing that even after almost a decade there were figures and props left in here!!! see the waiter pig from the GAY 90's sequence! on the floor was even the steel shadow silhouette of the Wandering boy segment "Drinking Rabbit". Above would have been the GAY 90's STAGE and sets.

When this exterior shot was taken there was only a few more days left before the AMERICA SINGS remnants would be gutted and tossed forever! See the barricades ready to go up!?

Come back and visit TOMORROWLOUNGE to see the Carousel Theater get gutted and a revue of some attractions that almost took residence here--like THE CENTURY OF PROGRESS---PLECTU'S GALACTIC SHOWBOAT EXTRODINAIR and other concepts in AMERICA SINGS MEGA POST # 6!!!!!


TokyoMagic! said...

That sign in the first pic was the cruelest joke of all. Like you hung there for almost ten years! Actually, I guess the worst joke was the "Brand New Attraction" that was eventually "Imagineered" for this space.

Progressland said...

The Tomorrowlounge can be a pretty sad place sometimes!

Major Pepperidge said...

It's sad to see the sets so run down, but those are some pretty incredible photos! I have one of those postcards with the "We Are Imagineering a Brand New Attraction" sign.

Is Toon Town under construction in that one balcony pic?

Blackwidower G said...

How terrible thank you I have never seen the basement

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

The sign would have been more honest if it said "Hey Disney fans! Here's a big "&*#@ YOU" from us to you!"

Nathan Lopez said...

It looks kinda creepy especially after knowing someone died in there

Nathan Lopez said...
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